Monday, October 02, 2006

If frogs, snakes, and other creepy things make tough little boys, they of the toughest! Here's Jon with a couple of the "frogs of the day"

The day of the Frogs..Nathan with one of his warty friends.

Pat, Jon and Nathan check out the large frog that jumped into bed with Rosie..Pat looks pretty surprised. Rosie didn't seem to mind.

No, it's not Arkansas. You can have chickens in your yard in the country if you live in Bend, Oregon.

Paula "Mimi" arrives at the Redmod airport. Nathan is the first to greet her!

Angie is showing Paula something inside this little rock room.

There are 3 small lakes here at the Peterson Rock gardens. In the Spring the lilly pads are alway bright pink with blossoms. They look like the "Last rose of Summer" now.

The Peacocks are very tame..We couldn't get one to open his tail feathers though...

Different colored rocks make up the flag. The red roof behind it is the Museum and gift shop.

So many rocks! So many different structures!

Angie, Nathan and Paula visit the Statue of Liberty, Bend style.

I couldn't agree more!

One man did all the construction of this garden, all the time still working in the fields as a full time farmer.

The summer has been long, so the vegetation is pretty well used up. Thing will look fresh here again next spring.

A balancing act.

There are many different scenes in the garden. This little island was in the middle of a lake..This is where we found the water snake that Nathan wanted to pick up..

Jon posing on one of the rock bridges

"The Boys"

Green Obsidian. There is red, black and blue also here in the garden. I think this is what they make coke bottles out of.

The fall leave are beautiful this year. Up in the mountains, the vine maple are brilliant red..The cotton woods ard yellow. This is a locust tree.

There are 8 or 10 displays like this of arrow heads that were found in the area.

This clam would be enough to make a couple of meals out of! It was given to Mr. Peterson years ago by some sea captain..or so the story goes.

A BIG piece of mining equipment..Actually, it's only a couple feet high, Jon is just tiny .

Paula, Jon, Angie and Nathan at the Peterson Rock Garden.

Paula and Pat..Jon is there too.

Paula & Pat, Jon and Nathan. 0ooops...and Julie!

Cool Skull Cap, Nate!

The Class room. Nathan is doing 3rd grade, Jon has just about finished his Kindergarten. They have to go to school this week, even though Mimi is there..Nathon is having a hard time dealing with it . Looks like he brought a "Washington Apple" for the teacher, but decided to eat it himself.:-)

A nice fall morning shot of the 3 Sisters. Won't be long before they'll be all white, and will stay that way until July of 07.